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Druga Rika

The Druha Rika collective whose members formed in Zhitomir in 1995 into a musical group, thanks to three people: Valery Kharchishin, Viktor Skuratovsky and Alexander Baranovsky.

In 2000, the project presented its first music collection "I". Videos were filmed for each song from this collection, which instantly became hits.

In 2003, an agreement was signed with Lavina Music, which resulted in the release of the music collection “Two” and “Records”. The team is replenished the same hour by Sergei Hero.

In 2006, the group released another album with thirteen singles.

A year later, the team again finds itself in the recording studio, but everything did not go as planned. And due to the fact that Kharchishin got into an accident, for a rather long period of time everything had to be postponed.

But before the tragedy was committed, the project nevertheless presented the single “End of the World”, thanks to which the guys began to play on the radio.

In 2008, the group is back in the ranks. The musicians are releasing a collection of unusual songs. The tracks were non-standard, as they were associated with the personal experiences of the soloist.

In 2010, the project released the track "Are you with me? I seem to be!" This composition was very popular, it was an unprecedented hit on Ukrainian radio. This single took the first position in the upcoming compilation of the group. Baranovsky once announced that this composition was written at a rehearsal, and its essence lies in the fact that if you love, you need to be faithful.

In the same year, a little later, a video for the above-mentioned musical composition was presented. It was filmed in the Grishko Botanical Garden. So the audience had the opportunity to appreciate the Ukrainian nature.

In 2011, in the middle of spring, the world could hear the musical composition "Stranger" for the first time. This song caused a real boom, and undoubtedly added to the group of fans and admirers. The video for this single was filmed in California. When the band returned to their homeland, journalists began to say that the musicians decided to stop their musical activities as part of the group. But the participants very quickly reported that this was not the case.

The project still toured, performed at various concerts, in the near future videos were shot on the tracks "Sorry" and "World on Different Shores".

2012 was remembered for the children by the presentation of the first part of the next collection. At the same time, the group implemented a social charity marathon "I will live", at which many famous groups performed.

In 2013, the marathon also took place. "Druha Rika" takes an active part in the filming of the video entitled "I WILL LIVE". The essence of this clip was to be able to recognize the disease at the initial stage.

In the same year, the team filmed two more clips with an ironic bias.

A year later, in the winter, Victor left the group. The remaining participants recorded the composition and the video for it "I hear". The collective of the group "Druga Rika" in 2018, sharing their creative plans, intrigued fans of their work. All the compositions of the musical creativity of the group "Druha Rika" whose songs are very fond of a huge number of admirers of their talent.